• Assistant Professor
    Telesilla Olympia Kotsi

Nonprofit Operations Management

Research Papers

Kotsi, T., Wu, O., and Pedraza-Martinez, A.J. (2022). Donations for Refugee Crises: In-kind vs. Cash Assistance.

Kotsi, T., Aflaki, A., Aydin, G., and Pedraza-Martinez, A.J. (2023). Allocation of Nonprofit Funds Among Program, Fundraising, and Administration.

Kotsi, T., Besiou, M., and Pedraza-Martinez, A.J. (2023). Fleet Composition Management in Response to Armed Conflicts.



Introduction to Operations Management

Teaching Philosophy: To develop students’ critical thinking and analytical skills, I use active learning and collaborative activities. Furthermore, I bring examples from operations in daily life to increase engagement and spark my students’ enthusiasm.

Level: Undergraduate

Semesters: Spring & Fall 2017, Fall 2019

Evaluation Score: 6.4 / 7

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Awards, Honors and Certificate

Telesilla Kotsi

Assistant Professor

Nonprofits have two decoupled sets of stakeholders: donors who fund nonprofit operations and beneficiaries to which nonprofits provide goods and services. Also, nonprofits operate in complex environments that are unappealing to for-profit firms. These issues create unique operational challenges for nonprofits. To understand these challenges, I have taken time to visit refugee camps in Greece, interview managers at foodbanks in USA, and analyze data from a large humanitarian organization that operates worldwide. To get solid insights, I use rigorous analytical methods such as game theory, dynamic programming, and econometrics.